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The PeeSpot

With the PeeSpot, Hessels+Grob has developed an innovative method for collecting urine. There are no need for collection cups, urine jars or even urine bags for newborn babies anymore. The urine is collected in an inert absorption felt. There are two sizes of absorption felt available: 1x3 cm and 2x9 cm. Depending on the type of absorption felt, all chemistry tests, strip tests and urine cultures can be carried out with the urine obtained. By our treatment of the absorption felt it has obtained unique properties: urine is absorbed well and quickly and after centrifugation all substances are obtained again from the felt with 100% recovery, nothing is left behind. If desired, a preservative can be dried to make the urine suitable for transport.

Would you like more information or do you have a specific application you would like to test, please let us know by sending an email to, we will be happy to think along with you. 

PeeSpot configurations

PeeSpot Urine Collection Device

This is a 1x3 cm absorption felt which is clamped in a holder with handle. By peeing on the felt for a few seconds approximately 1 ml of urine is collected. The holder with felt fits in a tube with screw cap which can easily be sent by post. The tube is centrifuged in the laboratory and the urine obtained is suitable for all biochemical tests and counting the number of bacteria.

Instructions for use PeeSpot Urine Collection Device

PeeSpot NeoPad

To collect urine from diaper-wearing babies and children, two absorbent felt pads (2x1x3 cm) are attached to a waterproof pad. This pad is fixed in the nappy and when the baby starts urinating the felts absorb about 2 ml of urine. The two felt pads are placed in a PeeSPot tube with holder and centrifuged in the laboratory. The urine is suitable for all biochemical tests and counting the number of bacteria, making urine bags superfluous. Incidentally, the PeeSPot NeoPad can also be used for incontinent elderly people if the urine has to be used for biochemical testing.

Instructions for use PeeSpot NeoPad

PeeSpot IncoPad

The PeeSpot IncoPad can be used to collect urine from incontinent adults. This is a large absorbent felt (2x9 cm) attached to a waterproof pad. This pad is fixed in the inco-material and when the felt is completely wet, a strip test can be placed on it and read immediately. This is the most reliable way to quickly exclude a urinary tract infection.


The most important advantages when using the PeeSpot are: sending urine into a leakproof tube; no more problems with urine bags that don't stick (or stick too well); less mess with urine and less plastic waste. 

The reliability and quality of the urine from the PeeSpot has been extensively tested. You can read a validation report in the PeeSpot white paper.

Info and ordering

If you would like to know more about the PeeSpot, please feel free to request information. Place an order via email ( or use our order form.