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MyBLOxs finger prick

MyBLOx's finger prick is our method to perform a lot of tests with an 'eXtra Small amount of My BLOod' obtained with a finger prick. We distinguish two ways of blood sampling: carried out by the doctor or therapist in practice (office collect tests) or by the client himself at home (home collect tests).

For the office collect tests (nutritional lab tests) we use a finger prick after which the blood is collected in a microtube with a shelf life medium. Immediately after collection the blood is centrifuged in a minicentrifuge. This stabilized plasma is sent by post for examination. You can choose from more than 80 different tests that we perform with our modern laboratory analysers.

For home collect tests (preventive health examination) we have a simple collection set to collect two drops of blood from the finger prick at home. This blood is then transferred to a microtube with preservability medium. The parcel is sent to us as such by post. In this case you can make a selection from about 20 different tests.