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Hessels+Grob is an innovative laboratory that focuses on preventive health research and nutritional medicine. Quality, user-friendliness and self-management of the client is at the core of what we do.

Do-it-yourself tests

With a number of unique patented sampling systems, Hessels+Grob is leading the market in Office Collect Tests: easily take a few drops of blood by means of a finger pricking tool and send them to our professional laboratory for analysis. In addition, there are the Home Collect Tests: simply collect a few drops of blood at home. You can now choose from more than 100 different analyses from blood, urine and saliva (see application form). If you would like to make use of our services as a doctor/therapist or as a provider of Preventive Medical Examination, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to:


As an innovator in the field of health testing, we feel responsible for the correct use of our lab products. This motivated us to set up an online knowledge center containing instructions and other in-depth articles to promote reliable use of laboratory research.  We also offer lectures, workshops and accredited refresher courses as support.

Innovative products

In addition to carrying out the analyses of the incoming home and office collection tests, Hessels+Grob also focuses on lab product innovation. With a simple finger prick to take blood samples independently and painlessly, the stabilisation of blood in a preservative medium and a mini centrifuge to centrifuge the collected blood on location for shipping as its result. We have also simplified the collection of urine samples with the invention of the PeeSpot. Hessels+Grob is currently working on a new innovation to track samples during transport and to monitor the time and temperature during transport in order to improve test validity.

About H+G

Quality, ease of use and stimulation of client self-management is at the core of what we do.

Meet Hessels+Grob

dr. Jan Hessels


dr. Jan Hessels

Clinical Chemist + founder
Mieke Grob


Mieke Grob

Director + founder