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Office Collect Tests

With the myBLOxs method we can perform about 20 different Office Collect Tests; this is the method in which the therapist takes the blood from her client in her practice (about 250 microlitres) and sends it to our laboratory.  

For the Office Collect Tests (nutritional lab tests) we use a finger prick after which the blood is collected in a microtube with a preservability medium. Immediately after collection, the blood is centrifuged in a small centrifuge. This stabilised plasma is sent by post for examination. You can choose from more than 80 different tests (see application form) that we perform with our modern laboratory analysers.

So it is no longer necessary to go to a hospital to have many tubes of blood taken there. Centrifuging it with the MyBloxs centrifuge is necessary to keep the collected blood in optimal condition for transport. Through a combination of a preservability medium and centrifugation, blood plasma and blood cells are separated and stabilised. The plasma is stable for five days and the laboratory results are then completely reliable and almost comparable to a venous blood collection (see validation study). The blood sampling can easily be carried out in any practice: see instruction manual.