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Home Collect Tests

With the myBLOxs method we can perform about 2 - 6 different Home Collect Tests; this is the method where the client takes his own blood (100 microliter) and sends it to our laboratory.  

We sometimes get the question whether these lab tests are sufficiently reliable. It seems almost impossible to perform 6 analyses, from two drops of blood, obtained from one finger prick. However, we use an innovative method to stabilise the blood, which completely stops all metabolic processes such as coagulation, complement, glycolysis and proteolysis. At the same time, the blood is diluted. The degree of dilution is accurately determined afterwards. Of course, it is necessary that this method is well validated in order to demonstrate that reliable results are obtained. An extensive study has been carried out in which the laboratory results of the conventional venous blood sampling have been compared with those of the capillary finger prick (our myBLOxs method). For more information about the validation, see validation study.

The results of the blood test are sent online to the applicant (doctor/therapist), possibly with an explanation or advice. If you would like more information about our services and prices, please send an e-mail to: